Our Services

Here below is a list of Services we can provide for your project. Please feel free to review and request a proposal anytime;

Licensed Concrete Testing Laboratory (Lic. #55)
Concrete Field Testing (TR-2)
Concrete Mix Design (TR-3)
Concrete Coring for Waivers, BPP-11 & Informational Purposes
NDT Concrete Testing (Windsor Probe)
Licensed Special Inspection Agency (Lic. #000416 / Class 2)
Required Special Inspection Items (TR-1)
Required Progress Inspection Items (TR-1)
Energy Code Compliance Inspections (TR-8)
Soil Borings (TR-1/TR-4)
Percolation Testing (TR-1)
Test Pits (TR-1/TR-4)
Building/Project Legalization (TR-1)
Building Alterations (TR-1)
Bolt Tension Calibration (Skidmore Test TR-1)
Vibration Monitoring
Crack Monitoring
Pre-Construction Surveys
SFRM Laboratory Testing (Sprayed on Fire Resistant Material)
SIte Investigation for Removal of SWO

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