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Aeriel View of New York

About Us

Established in 1993, City-Wide Testing Inc. is both a Licensed Concrete Testing Laboratory & Special Inspection Agency, located at the center of New York City in Maspeth, Queens.


We are nationally accredited by AASHTO, AMRL, CCRL, NYCDDC, NYCDOB & locally certified by all the various entities.


City-Wide Testing Inc. provides a multitude of  Construction Inspection services, necessary for Alteration, Remodeling, or New Construction projects within the 5 Boroughs of NYC. We are dedicated to providing real quality service, with real people who understand that the ultimate goal of any project is success. 

Concrete Field Testing

Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Coring Waivers

NDT Concrete Testing

Energy Code Compliance

Project Legalization

Building Alterations

SFRM Lab Testing

Site Investigation for SWO

Pre-Construction Surveys

Optical Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

Crack Monitoring


Soil Borings & Investigation

Soil Test Pits

Soil Percolation Testing



Talk to Us About Your Project

We look forward to speaking with you about your next project. 

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