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City-wide Testing and Consulting Group was founded in 1993 by Brian J. Burke. City-Wide Testing was created with the intention to provide real quality service, with real people who understand the ultimate goal of any project - success.

We understand there are many options nowadays but aside from ensuring to have Certified/Licensed Engineer &  Inspectors on site, it is also very important to us that we have Personnel who are relatable and understanding of a project without compromising integrity. We believe this is what makes City-Wide Testing a unique company and a wise choice for your project. 

Brian Burke

Founder / President

Brian Burke is the Owner & President of City-Wide Testing & Consulting Group since its inception in 1993. Through the years his guidance & commitment has seen the company grow and adjust to the various industry changes. From focusing mainly on infrastructure projects, to now focusing on building construction of all sizes. Brian has long term accreditation experience in various types of on-site assessments & laboratory evaluations. Brian focuses mainly on proposals, overall office administration and financials. After having successfully managed working through multiple decades, and establishing a geographically advantageous headquarter location, Brian continues to be committed in guiding City-Wide Testing & Consulting Group to accommodate the client’s needs better than any competitor. Brian lives, works, and breathes NYC, which is where City-Wide Testing & Consulting Group focuses all of our attention.


ACI-1 Field Certified

ACI-1 Lab Certified

ACI-2 Field Certified

ACI-2 Lab Certified

Elias S. Rasabi, P.E.

Technical & Laboratory Director

Elias Rasabi has been with City-Wide Testing since 2016 . He has his B.Sc. In Civil Engineering that he received  from The Technion Of  Israel  in 1978 and has continued his education at Brooklyn Poly Tech Graduating in 1982. His  experience extends over thirty five years in Civil Engineering discipline, of which over twenty five years in building construction, concrete lab material testing,  special inspection and supervision , and ten years in structural and highway design. He is also an Active  New York Licensed Professional Engineer since 1985.


ACI Concrete Field testing technician - Grade 1

ACI aggregate Testing Technician Level 1

ACI Strength Testing Technician

ACI Concrete Laboratory Level 1 & 2

Liam Burke

Field Engineer

Liam Burke has been working for City-Wide Testing since 2015. He is a graduate of Manhattan College, with a Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Liam is capable of performing pretty much any inspection and specializes in Structural Steel Welding & Steel Bolting Inspections. He welcomes the challenge with every project he works on and loves how every project is different and comes with unique challenges.



ACI-2 Field Certified

ACI-2 LAB Certification

ICC Masonry Certification

ICC Welding & Bolting Certified

William Burke

Field Technician

William has been working with the City-Wide Testing Family since 2020. He graduated from Queens College with a Master of Arts and went on to teach at Queens Vocational and Technical High School for 27 years. Since joining the team, William has excelled in not only concrete testing but also Cast-In-Place Inspections by always going above and beyond with each client he works with. He is committed to the success of City-Wide by using his reliability and detail-oriented nature to improve the company.


ACI-1 Field Certified

ACI-2 Field Certified

ACI-Level 1 Laboratory Technician

Johan Tuberquia

Laboratory Technician / Field Inspector

Johan has been working with City-Wide Testing since 2019. He has been a core part of the company for the past four years by emulating the dedication and dependability that City-Wide promises to their clients. Johan is continuously setting a new definition of what it means to be hardworking, precise, and timely with each and every one of the jobs he completes.


ACI Field Certified

ACI Level 1 & ACI Level 2 Laboratory Technician

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